More and more products unite multiple properties into a superlative. The smartphone is phone, music player and gaming console simultaneously. The Cronut is a croissant and a donut. Duct tape never got a proper attention despite its diversity. “Gewebeklebeband” is an approach, which values the possibilities of the product.

The packaging is being considered as a product-series. The classical version includes standard silver duct tape. Another version is for example “Gaffer Tape” for a residue-free removal and a mate black surface to prevent reflections. The packets involve the corresponding fabric tape type, a instruction manual and application-inspirations on a role.

The diversity of fabric tape can be split into three areas. [assist, restore, substitute]

Fabric tape is the representative henchman of the lazy individual and can assist caring but also medically. It complies with the restorative function its envisaged purpose and repaired utterly everything. In addition, it can substitute any organic and anorganic material. It combines the properties of optical imitation of a shiny material with the leathery, water-repellent surface feel.