Self-initiated research project on pixel representation and tiling patterns. Initially inspired by a flip display and the thought that the rotation of an object can act as a pixel. I created a tool that replaces grayscale tiles with video frames.

The video needs to translate well to grayscale, so I first experimented with a flat disc, since its spacial rotation results in a reduction of its visible surface area, making the overall composition of the video progressively darker. I used the lid of a pickle jar, so my first result was “pickled pixels”. 🥒👾

I wanted to enable color representation. Therefore I used a Rubics Cube like the pixels of a RGB LCD monitor. 📺→🖥

2019, I traveled from Marrakesh to Seville to Barcelona and was fascinated by the variety of tiling opportunities. I took dozens of pictures of floors and wall tiles. This is just two examples that inspired some of the pixel tilings.

Pixels and Tiles, 2020–21
© Daniel Wenzel,