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, graphic and type design, specialised in utilizing animation-tools and code. Always interested in collaborations with designers, developers and publishers around the world. Please get in touch for questions / project inquiries.

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Mar 2019 – Jul 2019
Thesis; Bachelor of Arts; HTWG Konstanz

May 1996 – Present
Personal Projects

Apr 2017 – Sep 2021

Also: Adidas London, Adidas Soccer, Louis Vuitton, Nike Adapt, Space10

Okt 2017 – Sept 2018
Fulltime @dia_studio Brooklyn, NY

Also: Apple, A-Trak, Balenciaga, MoMA, Nike React

Okt 2016 – Mar 2017
Fulltime @achosagency Rotterdam & Barcelona

Also: Audi, Beefeater

Mar 2015 – Jul 2019
University; Communication Design; HTWG Konstanz

Mar 2021 – Jun 2021
Part-time University Lecturer

Master Visual Design, Typography123 at Elisava Barcelona

Selected talks
& lectures

HSD Online Type Talk21
KABK TS2 Lunch Lecture #321

Selected articles, features
& publications

I am currently a Senior Art Director at DIA Studio in Brooklyn, New York

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